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Sault Firefighter Issue still Simmers

Fire Marshal's review remains a mystery?

OFM Office Investigates, Romano skeptical

Fire Marshal Office not in the Sault because of Threat, but Why?

Fire Marshal's Review not Motivated by "Serious Threat" says Mayor

OPFFA President Looks to Correct Fire Chief

City to get a Fire Marshall Review-Whether it wants it or not

Fire Marshall to Review the City

Ontario Fire Marshall to Review fire Services

Can the Mayor End the Battle?  Not Likely.

Still a Hot Situation between City and Firefighters

Fire Chief Says ReAlignment Having Positive Effect On Ambulance Calls

City Expects to Recover every Penny

CitySSM to Follow MOL Order

CitySSM Ordered to Redraft Operating Guidelines

SSMPFFA Welcomes MOL Order to CitySSM

Fire Chief's Stats Don't Jive

Fire Staffing Expert Blasts OAFC and #CitySSM

Fire Services Organizational Realignment

City Doubles Down on Fire Realignment

OPFFA Fires Back at OAFC

OAFC Takes Exception to OPFFA President

Fire Chief and Association Continue to be at Odds

CTV Ontario Union Campaign

Mayor Declines to talk about OPFFA Letter

Don't Stifle Divergent Views

OPFFA Warns SSM Residents

Fire boat Did't Respond Because Nobody asked

Two Men Help Pilot tow flipped Plane

Fire Chief Chooses Not to Comment

"Where's The Transparency and Accountability" Sault Ratepayers

Action Required says Ratepayers

Someone Has to Stand Up

Image of a Skeleton Crew

Bruni Stresses Assessment before Action

Sault Fire Dept Doesn't Comply with Standards

The Skinny on What's Planned for our Fire Dept

City was A-okay when holding closed-door meeting on firefighter cuts, says Ontario Ombudsman

Closing Hall, Fewer Fire Trucks in the Chief's Plan

Committee to Examine Council Composition

Review Probes Police Efficiency

City now knows cost of Losing Arbitration

DSSAB to ink new EMS Contract with City

Council Must Not Lay Blame

No Vote for PM's idea

Parties to Negotite terms of 24 hour shifts

Firefighters Association at Odds with City & Management

Mayor talks hot button issues of Fire Services and daycare

Fire Chief to Not Allow firefighters to sleep during 24hr shifts

Firefighters to Move to 24 hour shifts

Mayor talks candidly about Essar and state of Downtown

Bruni takes Management/Union to task

City Sticks With it Fire realignment Plan

Letter to Council

SSMPFFA analysis says response Comprimised

SSMPFFA Silenced at Council

Libraries, Firefighters and Old Churches

"Unfit" Rescue Boat Headed for Auction Block

Firefighters Not Allowed to Appear before Council

City to Firefighters; "NO, you Can't Talk"

Firefighters to City: Can We Talk?

Update of Fire/EMS Expected at Monday Council

Has Provenzano Cured us of Huggermuggery?

Give Board Accurate Costs

Glass Bid Too Transparent

City Hikes Taxes

Council Axes Daycare(More jobs cut)

Council Revisits Daycare

DSSAB Set To Examine All Options

Mayor Launches Surprise Push For EMS

City Cutting Muscle Not Fat--Robinson

City Taxes Competitive

Council Could Receive Free Risk Assessment

Council Approves Third Party Review of EDC

Simulated Plane Crash Brings Together International Team

Fire Chief Wants to Scuttle Boat Rescues

Seniors Calling. In the Event of a Fire

Council Prepares for Budget Deliberations

City Has a Shrinkage Problem, Mayor tells Chamber

Letter--What's All the Noise About Cuts to the Fire Dept.

Council Orders Fire/EMS Report

Timing Nixed Firefighters Request--Millroy

Firefighters Association Request denied at this Time

Firefighters Want on Next Council Agenda

Utilization and Review of Integrated Risk Management Web Tool

Council Changes Mind on Traffic lights citing Public Safety

Essar insolvency: mayor says nothing else really matters

Get the Facts

Ontario Fire Marshall Revamping the Online Integrated Risk Management Tool

Tactics in campaign against firefighter cuts 'embarrassing'

Public Safety Must Trump Politics

City Could Receive Free Risk Assessment just by asking!

Firefighters, management continue Safety Standoff

Sault Firefighters gain Support from Provincial Opposition Parties

Mantha Concerned with Sault Fire Plan

Where is Consistency on Council?-Robinson

Ontario PC Leader Stickhandles for Sault Firefighters

Jim Wilson MPP: FMO Risk Based Assessment Tool(Legislature video)

Patrick Brown: First Responders(Legislature video)

Return to the Rumour Mill

Association says Emergency "Luckily" diverted

West End Explosion tests Slimmer Fire Service

Calgary Halts Plans for 3 Man Fire Crews as Sault Pushes Forward

There Wasn't Some Kind of Backroom Conspiracy going on here, says Mayor

DSSAB set to move out on its own

DSSAB minutes posted Nov 23/15 for(July16, Sept17&24,Oct7&15)

November 23, 2015 City Council Meeting-Video

Council handles daycare-closure issue with Kid Gloves, Postpones decision

Ward 2 Candidate issues statement on Firefighter Issue

Council Defers daycare decision for 2 weeks

Graphic Images from Firefighter Deaths Haunt Former Fire Marshal

Firefighter Cuts Could have Dire Consequences for Residents

Town Hall Meeting-Video

Firefighters to Hold Public Town Hall Meeting Sunday

Firefighters Call Special Town Hall Meeting on Public Safety

Firefighters Association to Hold Town Hall Meeting

Firefighters Debate About Saving Lives, Not Dollars-Robinson

Firefighters Not Taking Responsible approach, say Mayor

Firefighters Highlight Concerns: Letter

Beware Statistics in Firefighters Debate-Robinson

Consultant Critical:  Mayor Backs Chief's Plan

Firefighters Ask Chief for Face to Face

Red Hot Debate over Fire Department's Future-Column

Letter: A Concerned Wife of a Proud Firefighter

City of North Bay Won't Follow Soo in Cuts

City Cuts may Affect entire Algoma Region, says Fire Chief



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